This list includes publications from the PI’s time at the Harvard Agile Robotics and Edge Computing Labs.


Journal Articles

Conference Papers

(2023). TinyMPC: Model-Predictive Control on Resource-Constrained Microcontrollers. In ICRA 2024.
IEEE ICRA 2024 Best Paper Award in Automation Finalist
IEEE ICRA 2024 Best Conference Paper Award Finalist
IEEE ICRA 2024 Best Student Paper Award Finalist

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(2017). Project-based, collaborative, algorithmic robotics for high school students: Programming self-driving race cars at MIT. In ISEC 2017.


Magazine Articles

Workshop Papers / Abstracts / Posters

(2023). Tiny Robot Learning: Expanding Access to Edge ML as a Step Toward Accessible Robotics. In Workshop on Lowering Barriers for Robotics Research at RSS 2023.

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Dissertations and Theses

(2022). Teaching Embedded Systems Programming. Harvard University Bachelors of Arts Thesis.


(2020). Reinforcement Learning to Enable Robust Robotic Model Predictive Control. Harvard University Bachelors of Arts Thesis.