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Unfortunately, we are not accepting new lab members for the Fall 2023 Semester. However, we will definitely be looking for more lab members in future semesters and summers and are aiming to be actively recruiting both post-baccalaureate and PhD researchers for Fall 2024 starts. You can apply through the Columbia CS website for the PhD program and on the bridge to PhD program website for the post-baccalaureate roles. Do note that applications are due in the late fall / early winter of 2023 for Fall 2024 starts and make sure to note that you’d like to work in our lab in your personal statement! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us at:

We are always looking to grow our team! We are looking for students across all levels of experience: from undergraduates, to Masters students, to PhD candidates. No background in robotics, parallel programming, or machine learning is required. That said, we are generally conducting research that requires coding and so we will expect some CS background. We also particularly encourage students from any of the underrepresented groups in CS and Engineering to reach out about potential projects.

In general, we are looking for students who demonstrate commitment, creativity, communication skills, and courage to learn something new.

For Undergraduate and Masters part-time researchers during the academic semester, in order to ensure that you can have a meaningful research experience as a member of the lab we expect you to:

There are also additional opportunites for full-time summer research experiences. For Barnard students, consider applying for the Summer Research Institute (SRI).


What kinds of research is the lab doing right now?

You can find descriptions of some of our current research directions on our projects page as well as our recent publications on our publications page. In general we tend to explore one of two things. First, how to combine algorithmic and computer hardware insights to accelerate robotics problems. You can find a talk exploring these concepts at this link. Second, how to increase the accessibility of cutting-edge computer science topics globally. This is best exemplified by our work with TinyMLedu.

Is the position paid?

If you are doing research through a funded research program you will be funded (e.g., PhD program, SRI summer program). For Barnard and Columbia students there are lists of possible term-time and summer funded research programs at the following links: [1], [2], [3]. There is also a large list of national research fellowships at this link. If you do not have a research fellowship we will be constantly applying for grants to support additional student researchers, however, depending on timing, we may only be able to offer research as an independent study for credit. However, do note that you can receive elective credit towards the CS major for research done through COMS W3998/4901. Note: We do not expect you to be funded to join the lab! We can work to help you get funded AFTER you join! Also if you reach out ahead of time we can work together to get you funded BEFORE you start doing research.

Does research happen all the time?

Yes, in fact, the summer is often the busiest time of the year for research! So whether you have interest and time in the sping, summer, or fall, there will always be opportunities for research!

Why should I consider doing research?

Research is a great way to learn more about a field of interest and develop both your technical and communication skills. Also, whether you are considering graduate school or industry positions, spending a few semesters doing research and publishing a peer-reviewed paper and/or presenting at regional and national conferences looks great on your resume!